We see a multi-generational shift in the economic, political, and societal order taking place.
History teaches that such periods of uncertainty often bring instability and disruption – the established power tries to protect its status quo against the looming challengers.

However, we prefer to bring to the forefront the many opportunities such uncertainties may offer through a range of products and services.


We are fully dedicated to client needs and expectations

We strive to deliver beyond clients’ expectations using our profound knowledge coupled with multi-decade long experience in financial markets

We defend our independence and impartiality

We keep a high ethical standard based on governing rules and common sense


team members of Dolefin SA

Urs Gmür
CFA / co-founder and CEO – Fund manager and editor of macro-economic publications

Martina Jensik
Authorized signatory – Assistant Fund manager

William Bolzan
Senior Sales

Stefan Steinemann
CFA, CMT / co-founder and President – Technical analyst and editor of all sell-side and buy-side technical research